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GP38-2 Locomotives

HP-Trainz introduces a new generation of locomotives for Trainz. We have incorporated the experiences of 12 years content creation for Trainz into the development. Besides the excellent appearance of the models we have focused our attention to an enhanced functionality of the locomotives. Choosing the functions we wanted to incorporate into our loco scripts, we focused rather on those that reflect the experience of an engineer  and making the sessions driving more interesting, then on neat eye candies.

Watch the functions of the locomotives in the following video:

Learn how to operate the GP38-2. Download the Operating Manual


Locomotive functions and effects

  • Diesel fuel and sand consumption
  • Weather conditioned driving physics
  • Wiper management
  • Cab functions
  • Engine start/stop
  • Working¬† vigilance alerter
  • Conductor/Speed supervision
  • Enhanced sanding functions
  • Auto running number
  • Squealing brakes
  • Head-of-Train Device ("Wilma")
  • Animated sun visors
  • Cab animation
  • In-cab brightness follows the daylight
  • In-cab illumination effects
  • Dark cab in tunnel
  • Squealing brakes
  • Loco night effects
  • Kickstart in easy mode
  • Idle smoke
  • New complementary Rule and Driver Commands available on DLS



High detail custom cabs

  • Each loco has an own scripted custom cab
  • Nearly all controls, gauges and indicators are functional
  • The cabin has animations which are speed dependent. The primary animation simulates the sine run plus some sway and vertical shaking. On top of this is there a vertical shaking when passing a junction.

Custom engine physics


  • Trainz 12, Trainz 2 (Apple Mac) and T:ANE

Supplied as:

  • Digital download
    CDP file to install using Trainz' Content Manager.
    Additional CDP files with dependencies common for all engines and filling utilities for fuel and sand are provided as well.

* New in version 3




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