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Marias Pass Route Plus

The first and the second edition of the  Marias Pass Route has made thousands of  satisfied friends. With Marias Pass Route Plus HP-Trainz presents a new, substantially refined version, enhanced with a lot of new and updated locomotives, traincars and scenery objects. High detail engines with new functions like fuel and sand consuming, driving physics depending on wether conditions and stunnigly realistic 3D cabs, where all the controls, switches and indicators are functional will challenge your abilities as engineer. Take a seat in the Sightseer Lounge Superliner with a lifelike looking interior and watch the beautiful nature passing. The new and updated scenery objects and vegetation conveying the illusion to travel through a real landscape of the Rocky Mountains. All aboard....

Get more impressions of the Route - visit the screenshot gallery

Notice: Not all objects and locomotives displayed in the screenshot gallery are part of the Marias Pass Route Plus.


Marias Pass Route Plus is a complete add-on for the Trainz Railroad Simulator.  All you need for the route is included. There are no additional downloads necessary. You need only the Trainz Railroad Simulator in the matching version to run the route (see "compatibility").

Short description

  • The route (BNSF Hi-Line) from MP (milepost) 1062 (Shelby) to MP 1219 (Whitefish) plus the Kalispell branch line and the both Sweetgrass trunks. More then 200 miles of tracks.

  • Authentic terrain generated using digital elevation modells (DEM's)

  • Original track layout including all sidings and turnouts  

  • All station depots, bridges and other typical objects modelled after the prototypes

  • All passenger stations and a lot of new interactive industries 

  • New locomotives and rolling stock included - all stuff you need servicing the included industries

  • 10 exciting sessions included on the CD or DL. The sessions represents a big variety of prototypicaly reproduced railroad operations and will keep you busy for many hours. For details, see the separate description below.



New in the Plus version:

  • Two locomotives EMD F40 PH with scripted functions: Fuel and sand consuming, vehicle physics depending on wheather (wheel slip), animated wipers, lighted number boards at night and more. High detail bogeys. Original sounds for diesel engine and electric traction motors (Thanks to Wulf_9 for his licence).

  • Realistic 3D cab for the F40 loco with many additional functions. Aside of the standard cab functions are implemented: prototypical handling of the dynamic brake, emergency brake management (PCS), working emergency brake valve at co-drivers seat, indicating lights for wheelslip, brakes, PCS, wind shield defroster, train doors. Switches for gauge ligts and cab light. The brightness in the cab automatically adjusting to the daylight (nightcab) and more. For further details see the F40 operating manual.

  • Superliner Sightseer lounge and Superliner coach with realistic interiors and nightmode.

  • Steel bridges with bridge sound, new highly detailed track, new refined trees, telegraph line, four aspect signals, new road vehicles, scenery objects and ground textures.


  • TRS 2006, TRS 2007 (DE), ProTrainPerfect
  • not for TS 2009. For TS 2009 use the Marias Pass Route X.

Supplied as:

  • Download
    .rar-file with automatic installer. Starts the installation just double clicking on the downloaded file.
  • CD or DVD
    The installation starts automatically after inserting the disk into the drive..
Manuals FAQ



short description of the sessions included on the Marias Pass Route Plus  disk or download

Heavy Haul Over Marias
You are performing standby service at Whitefish depot.The engineer of the freight train EA250752 from Sandpoint Jct. to Shelby has just reported braking problems with his loco. The engine has to be replaced in Whitefish. Take the place of the broken engine and drive the train over the Marias grade to Glacier Park. Switching in Conkelley, taking a helper in Essex. Engine physics enabled. Not an easy task.  
Cut Bank Wheat Campaign
It is August - the wheat harvest time in Montana. The grain silos are soon full. Your chore is to collect the grain from the rural grain elevators and bring the full grain hoppers to the yards in Cut Bank and Shelby for further transport to the ports.
Shelby Local
You are the local engineer in Shelby. Your task is the shunting and loading in Shelby yard and the service on the branch lines around Shelby.
This activity will challenge your driving ability as engineer. All junctions are dispatcher operated and will be switched for you. Follow the dispatcher orders you will get along the route. 
Kalispell Local 1
Want to experience the hard job of a local engineer? Shunting, switching, loading cars at industries, distribu- ting cars to and collecting them from numerous industry sidings. Assembling consists, driving a local freight to Kalispell and back to Whitefish. 5 hours of intensive yard work. You got a GP38-2 and a helper on your side, who will assist you throwing the junctions and giving a whistle signal to continue, when he is done. The loco is included within the session package and provided with very realistic engine settings.
Marias Steam1
Heavy freight hauling over the Marias Pass in the steam era. You are the engineer, who have to drive the Big Boy with more than 3000 tons freight in tow over the continental divide. Do you think, you can keep this steel monster under control? Yes? Then climb into the cab and go on. Once on the way, you can decide if you need a helper loco in Essex or if you dare to make it alone.
Amtrak Nr. 7 - Sightseeing tour
Welcome on board of the Amtrak Nr. 7 – The Empire Builder – Chicago-St.Paul-Minneapolis- Portland/Seattle. We are approaching Shelby (MT) and you are invited to a ride over the famous Marias Pass up to Whitefish (MT). Just sit down and relax in the comfortable interior of one of the Superliner coaches and watch the beautiful nature or jump into the cab of the loco or watch the train and the landscape using the outside camera. Our engineer takes care for the driving and keeping the schedule
Amtrak Nr.8 - Eastbound
Take over the „Empire Builder“ Portland/Seattle –
Chicago from your fellow engineer in Whitefish and drive the train over the MariasPass up to Shelby. Be a good driver, obey all signals and speed restrictions and stop at all stations scheduled. You are driving under the tight original Amtrak timetable, dated from summer 2002. Try to keep the schedule. There is heavy freight traffic on the Hi-Line, so you will probably catch some delays.
CFAC Yardmaster trilogy
The Columbia Falls Aluminium Company (CFAC) is an aluminium smelter situated in Conkelley  near Columbia Falls (MT), directly at the BNSF Hi Line.

You are the yardmaster (and the resources disponent) in the company yard. You are responsible for supplying the raw materials alumina and green coke and for the transportation of the aluminium products to the customers. You are working closely together with the BNSF railway company, which carries the raw materials to the Conkelly yard, where the consists are handed over to the CFAC switchers. They will distribute the cars over the CFAC yard, to the loading / unloading facilities. For the hand over actions are only two tracks disponible, the further company rail net is not accessible for six axle engines.
Your goal is to keep the smelting process running, at least for some hours.
CFAC Yardmaster - Assistant
The raw material bunkers are full, the storages are empty. Try to keep the smelting process running at least for 3 hours.
CFAC Yardmaster - Expert
The alumina and green coke bunkers are nearly empty, the product storages will be soon full. Not an easy task. If you manage to keep the smelting process running for 2 hours, then are you very good. With three hours are you a real expert.
CFAC Yardmaster - Special
The smelter was shut down for maintenance purposes. You have to prepare the plant for a restart. The bunkers are empty, there are not too much products in the storages. Supply the raw materials until the smelting process begins. Keep the smelter running for at least 3 hours, counted from the process start on.